Digital product CVO Aleksei Dolgih, IT Tech & strategic mastermind at glocal nonprofit community
& Head of quality assurance pipeline on WFA digital product teammate group who improve workflow QA in value CD

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🎴🦄🚀 Short About me

Hi 👋 I'm Aleksei Dolgikh, I'm wrong a thousand times every day.

But using game theory, big number, auction theory, new auction formats, plus the quality assurance practices of the digital product pipeline,

I am finding more and more people to collaborate with! Our Unicorn Witnesses core teammate teaches how to automate routines, err more times, test your hypotheses and go further!

Team and people are the most important thing for me, no matter what product I work on.

In assuring the quality of all processes in the software lifecycle, I try to follow the rule of deep insight. I always pick up all the information I have on the legacy processes and try to turn it into mine processes.

Thanks to our CDO Olia Nayda for her experience as designer and manager of digital product designers, for starting and continuously improving the community and all digital products within it. Maxim Litvinov for his skills in developing and teaching newcomers this, Aleksandr Verevkin and Evgeny Khristenko for awesome development, making my website safe and technical expertise. Thanks designers for help with and especially to Nikita Khristenko, thanks to Julia Udovichenko for being passionate at learning and creativity. Andrei Anufrienko for expertise at design systems and design for mobile.

Env- healthcare tech startup

Mute it is an app for people who has “shy bladder” syndrome. It’s not available at Stores yet. But we’re working to make a release as soon as we’re can. And to be honest we need investment to make our prototype alive and help millions people worldwide 🗺

To environment & healthcare web site for read more

Aleksei Dolgikh 💭 The Linkbuilding in my world is the best practice

Aleksei Dolgikh Nonptofit Mission

Non-profit work is part of me, I get to help people continuously and I really need it. The most important responsibility for me in this is to help honestly. Without hypocrisy and lies, I help from my heart and truly believe that if everyone helps people then the world will become a better place.❤️ I started with my mother, helped her get out of depression and difficult life situation, helped her learn new profession and I realized, it is mine and I am incredibly pleased to help people, so I do not stop. There are even more personal reasons, but I only tell them to people who are very close to me.

(🌐 Global + 🫀 Local) = Aleksei Dolgikh Glocal Strategies

We need reflecting or characterized by both local and global considerations. Glocal management is in a sense of “think globally, act locally” is used in the business strategies of our community and me.

Clean Digital Product in teammate communication by Aleksei Dolgikh

I, along with my teammates, work specifically with pure digital product, not digital stuff/goods. What do I mean by that? Let's synchronize the concepts. A pure digital product is for the user without third party interference in their relationship. Just the user and the digital product that the team created. There is no third party in the form of people interfering at the moment of communication with the product, we only interfere at the moment of creation/delivery/integration. Like the google search bar, just you and it.

ITIL integration from Aleksei Dolgikh experience

For me, ITIL is not a “ITIL project that start from A and stop in B" it is an continuous journey to improve IT service management. In digital product creation life cycle ITIL is reali matter thing for growth with innovation and low error cost.

Open Free ITIL Book on Russian Language

Aleksei Dolgikh's implementation of root cause analysis and it consequences for teammate

Digital product team managment by Aleksei Dolgikh

Aleksei's Dolgikh One-on-One practicing

One-on-one for me is a powerful skill that has created a strong bond in our non-profit community! In all the teams where teammates and I have implemented One-on-One, growth has been immediate after the first iterations! This is amazingly useful, please don't neglect it. To give you an idea of the scale, I will give you a figure: After spending more than 1,000 one-on-one sessions, I realised I needed to tell you more about it.

Quality assurance managment & strategy by Aleksei Dolgikh as teammate

Continuous delivery definition by Aleksei Dolgikh

Continuous integration definition by Aleksei Dolgikh

Globalisation managment from Aleksei Dolgikh

Legal managment practice by Aleksei Dolgikh

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