UPDATE 2023 GLOC.AL CVO Scout VC Aleksei Dolgih. Glocal, international business of localisation website in America, EMEA, APAC GLOC.AL & Aleksei Dolgih Change Managment. ITIL advocate. CNCF landscape. ICANN. Quality assurance pipeline on WFA digital product team who improve workflow quality in value delivery

GLOC.AL Multilingual-SEO-As-A-Service PROMO 88 languages, 100 countries, 275 biggest cities in the world localisation
GLOC.AL International-SEO-As-A-Service PROMO 88 languages, 100 countries, 275 biggest cities in the world localisation

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Hi 👋 I'm Aleksei Dolgikh, I'm wrong a thousand times every day.

gloc.al help businesses natively appear in search results on local & foreign markets. Connect your website to our system and start getting new clients from other countries the very next day.

Our team is designing B2B SaaS Gloc.al as disrupter of SEO market (SOM $5 billions in MENA and 15 billions worldwide) ! Gloc.al is SEO AI-backed lead generation helper for businesses on local and foreign markets, 90 languages and 100 countries through unique Serverless Tech Network (in 90% of devices on the Earth, more that 5 billions devises, we use Workers V8 Isolate in Chromium). Let’s make billions on lead generation together and bring the impact in the region together!
Gloc.al incubated in https://in5.ae Dubai Tech accelerator

gloc.al Features gloc.al: What does the system give? Some of the benefits you can get for your business by integrating with our system. gloc.al:Сonnects in 1 day Receive traffic from around the world to your domain with no marketing expenses. gloc.al:SEO optimizes. Search engines find your website in the largest cities in the world. gloc.al:Organic traffic increases. Crawlers index your website, promote it, which means more traffic to your website. gloc.al:New clients incremental. 92% of people people prefer to buy in their native language.

I am finding more and more people to collaborate with! Our UnicornWitnesses.com core teammate teaches how to automate routines, err more times, test your hypotheses and go further! Join UnicornWitnesses.com community of socially relevant Digital products creators

Team and people are the most important thing for me, no matter what product I work on.

In assuring the quality of all processes in the software lifecycle, I try to follow the rule of deep insight. I always pick up all the information I have on the legacy processes and try to turn it into mine processes.

Thanks to Gloc.al chief design officer CEO Gloc.al Olga Nayda for her experience as brilliant designer manager of digital product designers, for starting and continuously improving the community & all digital products within it. Olia Nayda manages the design team very effectively, sometimes I am amazed by her ability to be empathic with users and the team, it is something incredible, try it and you too will be surprised how Olia Nayda approaches the design of familiar things!

So much thanks to our previous CTO (Chief Technical Officer) Evgeny Khristenko for their leadership & business requirements for all technical interactions in the team and building a scalable system. Evgeny Khristenko is incredibly technically savvy, delves into web3 and the latest Serverless and CICD technologies without any stops, he is relentless and determined to develop the team.

Very grateful to our previous chief operations officer (COO) Nikita Khristenko without which rapid growth in the community is simply not possible, Nikita knows how to implement habits in people's lives that change the teamwork coordinately for the better. He instantly becomes a good companion in acquiring new knowledge, from interface design to human behavior & much more. Nikita Khristenko is the most creative person in terms of creation, you should work with him and you will understand.

Big thanks to Ivan Ushmorov for his technical expertise and for building an international, accessible, easily and continuously integrated and delivered socially relevant digital product to the user. We have already come a long way, and the opportunities that are opening up in our interaction are incredible.

Thanks designers for help with muteit.app and unicornwitnesses.com especially Andrei Anufrienko for expertise at design systems & design for mobile. And for his vast experience in illustration with advice on viral design, which Andrei does very well!

Aleksei Dolgikh Glocal strategy in international nonprofit community

Glocal nonprofit community of socially relevant product creators. We helping people worldwide learn hands-on how to create socially relevant digital products together. Aleksei Dolgikh as a co-founder of Unicorn Witnesses wich have 200+ years of commercial experience in the core team that will benefit everyone. It's experience in different industries: banking, global economy, ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) best practices for creating digital products, creating CV/Resume that fully expose you to the team you're working with.

Clc&Opn community web site for read mo https:// UnicornWitnesses.com

Unicorn Witnesses facility, glocal value-based climate & family healthcare ecosystem Muteit.app

Mute it is an app for people who has “shy bladder” syndrome with a stated market of 220+ million people worldwide and about 20 million in the United States (according to Paruresis Associates). It’s not available at Stores yet. But we’re working to make a release as soon as we’re can. And to be honest we need investment to make our prototype alive and help millions people worldwide 🗺

Just $750000 for disrupt the industry of value-based environment &family healthcare digital product statrup, more reade here Pitch deck to get funds from a socially relevant digital product on "value-based digital family health in the bathroom" Muteit.app facilitated by UnicornWitnesses community 🦄

Clc&Opn value-based environment & family healthcare digital product web site for read more about Muteit.app

Aleksei Dolgikh 💭 The Linkbuilding in my world is the best practice, use the one lnk you prefer! 😉

Aleksei Dolgikh Glocal is thinking globally but acting locally strategy

Aleksei Dolgikh Glocal "reflecting or characterized by both local and global considerations." The term “glocal management” in Aleksei Dolgikh sense of “think globally, act locally” is used in the business strategies of companies, in particular, by Japanese companies that are expanding overseas. As bachelor of Cartography and Geoinformatics Aleksei Dolgikh studying best business practices in Japan, found this strategy extremely effective and began implementing it.

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